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Partnership Giving

Suggested missions giving begins at one dollar per month for each congregant. We believe as you implement His Scriptural System, God will bring the increase for your organization and giving can increase. ($25.00 minimum to cover expenses)

 / every month


My Partner Giving will be used to provide training to pastors and ministry leaders worldwide.

My consistent monthly giving will qualify me for the following Partner benefits TUITION FREE: CEO Forums, CEO & Leader Workshops and monthly coaching materials.

*If you prefer to give monthly via check payment, please call 1-866-578-6865 and we will assist you!

You are also able to give the entire annual amount up front if you prefer.


Partners receive ongoing and an unlimited number of Ministry and Business CEO Workshop training’s worldwide. (Tuition Free)

Partners are encouraged to attend with spouse and an unlimited number of their leaders. (Tuition Free)

Partners should reach and invite as many pastors, ministers, business marketplace ministers that they can to attend CEO Workshop Training’s with their respective leaders as the partner guests. (Tuition Free)

Partners receive free monthly coaching lessons consisting of an Executive Brief or Case Study; a White Board Diagram illustrating valuable practical application steps to the system and a Focus Teaching on the implementation of each subject matter.

Partners are invited to attend Global Training Events and special unique symposiums to receive advanced training’s, discussion forums, Q & A sessions, specialized presentations of successful executives in their fields with panel information and materials. (Tuition Free)

Partners receive additional training video, audio and written materials from time to time (Free of charge).

Partners receive 10% to 25% discounts on Ministry Institute Products and special deferred payment options.

Partners have eternal rewards for keeping God’s leaders growing stronger in their calling generating future generations of leaders and perpetuating the succession plan of Christ.