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The Vision

of Pastors believe pastoral ministry has negatively affected their family [skillwrapper type=”bar”] [skill bar_foreground=”#1773E2″ percent=”80″ title_background=”#1773E2″ bar_background=”#dddddd” percent_foreground=”#000000;” title=””] [/skillwrapper]
of Pastors would leave their position for a similar paying job [skillwrapper type=”bar”] [skill bar_foreground=”#1773E2″ percent=”65″ title_background=”#1773E2″ bar_background=”#dddddd” title=””] [/skillwrapper]

 Generating Future Generations of Leaders

“Perpetuating the succession plan of Christ and leaving a lasting legacy.”                                                                         

  • To implement a proven highly successful system of methods, processes and procedures which become systemic through advanced practical application techniques and skill development.
  • To coach, teach, train and mentor pastors, ministry and corporate leaders to build optimum strength in their calling and maximize their effectiveness for God by accomplishing all of His directed mandates.
  • To protect and preserve their intimate relationship with God and family and provide the freedom for innovation, personal mandates and a quality life.
  • To conduct a variety of domestic and international major events centered on new and expansive material to build increased strength and proficiency and much more.

Dr. Dean Radkte

Andrew Wommack interviews Dr. Dean Radtke

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