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“There was frustration continually with us, just not able to get across that gap to the next level.”

“We began to plateau, I did everything I knew to do…”

“Outwardly it looked like we had everything together, inwardly there was growing frustration.”

“The greatest joy of it all is that I found the joy of ministry all over again.”

What Corporate Leaders and Pastors Have Said:
  • “What could I have done for God if I had this information years ago?”
  • “This has changed my life, my ministry, my marriage, my relationship with God.”
  • “No more sayings, slogans, laws and theory, you taught me how to apply and model this system.”
  • “You helped us lay the foundation for supernatural growth and development to impact America and the world.”
  • “I never thought we could accomplish all we have and feel the freedom I feel.”
  • “You have put our ministry back on track and God’s supernatural favor is abundant in our midst”
  • “The leaders are productive, self-motivated, accountable and they have my heart again.”
  • “Our leaders are building other leaders and we’re getting it done with impact!”
  • “You helped me not only clarify the direction God has given me, but empowered me to get there.”
  • “I’m excited, rejuvenated, confident, inspired and loving what I do again.”
  • “The results have been phenomenal. People who have known me for years have said I’m a new person.”


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