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Maximum CEO


27 Video Training Sessions
60 Coaching’s & Executive Briefs
435 Page Training Manual
93 Page Instructor’s Guide
Unlimited Online Access
Video 3.5 Days/1100 Minutes – Global Training Event
Total 534 Instruction Pages

Partner or New CEO


Ever Increasing Investment in Future Generations of Leaders Quality of your life.

Life Changing Teaching for Personal Effectiveness.

  • Executive Library Volumes
  • 27 Training Sessions
  • For Executive study, learning
  • For Team Leader Training’s
  • Executive Instructor’s Guide (download)
  • Directions for ‘How To’ Facilitate the Teaching
  • 60 Coaching’s & Executive Briefs (download)
  • Executive Brief: Case Studies, Success Stories
  • Diagrammed White Boards and Focus Articles
  • Leader’s Training Manual (download)
  • Entire teaching system including Overview CD
  • Strongly Suggested Reading Prior to Ministry Training
  • Ministry Orientation Manual for New Leaders
  • Fully Loaded 1100 Minutes
  • On-line Access