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From time to time, God puts it on the heart of givers to support the mandate God has given me - to reach as many as I can in my lifetime with His Scriptural System and leave a lasting legacy. God made the greatest investment of all time - Him coming. The Ministry Institute purpose is to help Pastors and marketplace ministers give Him a steady compounding return on His investment. He gave us the greatest leadership manual ever written about the greatest leader who ever lived. Out of that manual He showed me how to coach, teach, train and mentor His leaders with a Scriptural System that when properly applied provides His leaders with a quality life and a highly torqued performance organization. As God directed, we have trained over 125,000 Pastors, Ministers and Marketplace Ministers in well over two decades and have done so tuition free. However, we are losing twenty-two thousand every year to the purpose for which they were created, called and ordained - as we have not reached them yet. Consider investing in God's Kingdom business and giving Him a greater return on His investment.

-Dr. Dean R. Radtke

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