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dean radtke

Dr. Dean R. Radtke

Dr. Radtke is the Founder & CEO of the Ministry Institute. He has 35 years of senior corporate and ministry leadership and management experience — a lifetime of proven excellence with an exceptional record of results. Dr. Dean R. Radtke is a national and international vision facilitator, ministry and corporate counsel, and strategic planner.

He conducts worldwide performance workshops and is a leader in professional and personal performance coaching. Dr. Radtke advises ministry and business leaders worldwide, protecting their anointing, equipping and positioning them to be extraordinary leaders producing extraordinary results.

He has developed a burden and in-depth understanding of the challenges facing vital leaders — having worked directly for Admiral John S. McCain, U.S. Atlantic Fleet; James E. Preston, Chairman Avon Products, Inc.; Les Wexner, Chairman The Limited, Inc.; multi-billion dollar, Fortune 500 companies; and as Executive Director for Pastor Rod Parsley, Breakthrough Television and World Harvest Church.

In great demand as retained counsel to a wide range of ministries and mega churches, Dr. Radtke conducts national and international leadership, management, methods, and performance workshops — working with men and women of God who hold a powerful purpose and vision, strategically placed for these end times, equipping them to be all they can be.

Video Testimonials

Pastor Mark Cowart - Testimonial

Hear how Dr. Radtke's teachings transformed the lives of Pastor Mark and Linda Cowart of Church For All Nations in Colorado Springs, CO.

Pastor Jonathan Del Turco - Testimonial

Hear how Dr. Radtke's teachings reinvented the life and church of Pastor Jonathan Del Turco of International Family Church in Boston, MA. 

Pastor Terry Crist - Testimonial

Hear how Dr. Radtke's teachings changed the mind of Pastor Terry Crist of City of Grace in Scottsdale, AZ about what a CEO should be. 

Pastor Steve Caronna - Testimonial

Hear how Dr. Radtke's teachings helped Pastor Steve Caronna at Living Word Family Church of Raleigh, NC overcome a plateau.